praise for SHADOWED

Paranormal thrillers are a dime-a-dozen these days, and they more often than not involve handsome, brooding undead heroes, but “Shadowed” is refreshingly different. Author Ken Hughes has created in Paul Schuman a protagonist who is very much human, despite a superhuman ability, and it is his very humanity that makes him so believable. He may have the gift to enhance his senses at will, but it’s plain old-fashioned courage that ultimately proves his most effective attribute. Written in a clear, straightforward style particularly suited to this genre, from the first page, I was pulled in, wanting to know more about Paul’s and Lorraine’s abilities, and equally important, the backdrop of intrigue and scandal that the story plays out against.

Fast-paced, well-plotted with a likable protagonist and an ending that leaves the story open for a sequel, “Shadowed” is a helluva fun read, and won’t disappoint fans of either normal or paranormal-genre thrillers.

–Leslie Ann Moore, author of the award-winning Griffin’s Daughter Trilogy

Open your mind to an exciting but creepy paranormal thriller. Ken Hughes breaks into the genre promising to transcend suspense to a whole new level.

It is refreshing to see an author’s debut transcend the genre of fiction, adding to it a fresh, new perspective of a paranormal thriller. “Shadowed” is compelling, suspenseful and irresistibly entertaining.

Hughes proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he can create a spine-tingling thriller with gutsy twists and page-turning suspense. You will not be disappointed.

–Ace Antonio, author of The Confessions of Sylva Slasher

Ken Hughes gives us a complex hero who has a power but feels powerless. He shows us the dark secrets of a city of whispers, creating a mystery that only a man who doesn’t exist can unravel. And he makes us shiver as a villain of great cunning pulls the strings of the powerful. Family, honor, and guilt, with a little romance thrown in, make Shadowed a great read.

–Robin Morris, author of Mama

Ken Hughes’s distinctive voice ensnares us in the life of an ordinary young man desperate to cope with his suddenly super-human senses, and the reader anxiously prowls the cold winter days and menacing nights beside him, chasing after every clue. Paul Schumann could be anyone we know — that is why the shadows pull us in.

–Judith Swanson


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